SwiftEnough is a lifestyle brand focused on advancing equity within the mental health industry through purposeful merch, action and resources. We’re dedicated to changing the narrative around who gets to be ‘well.'

To own your story, you need a space to tell it. As two Black founders navigating a pandemic, we wanted to create a safe space for communal care and healing. Stay as long as you need.

Forty percent of mental health crises are due to lack of connection. SwiftEnough is here to change that by having open, honest conversations about what these challenges look like. 

Who Get's To Be "Well"?

We believe that to do good, you have to invest in community care resources. Our philosophy is all about supporting equitable mental health solutions for people who are often excluded from the mainstream wellness space, and we make sure our profits have their own story. That’s why when you shop with us, a percentage of the profits will be donated to organizations committed to making mental health treatment and therapy more accessible.

Healing is a journey.
We're with you for a ride.

We believe shared experiences make us stronger, and we know lending a hand is hard when you don’t help yourself first. That’s why we created this platform: to hold space for powerful stories that people can relate to. Stories that are personal and intimate, that say “This is yours, too.” No matter where you’re at on your healing journey, we’re here to give you a better tomorrow.

- Jericka & Jarius